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Kampong Tekek

Tioman Dive Centre has been operating in Tekek village (Kampong is the Malay word for village) since 2000. In January 2005, the dive centre relocated to new premises in The Swiss Cottage Resort and as of 2014, we also have a second dive centre, based at the Panuba Inn Resort, just beyond Ayer Batang Village.

FishTekek is the main village on Tioman, with a permanent population of around 2,000. Most of the population works in the tourist industry, many in the Berjaya resort, about 5 minutes drive from the village. The airport is here, along with administrative buildings such as the customs and immigration headquarters, as well as the duty free shops!!!

Despite what the guide books say about Tekek, it is not as busy as they make out. There is little commercial activity, apart from a few family run shops, and little in the way of construction. The beach, particularly around Swiss Cottage, is very nice and secluded - you can sit a whole day there and not see anyone.

There are a variety of alternative accommodation options at Tekek, as Swiss Cottage can become fully booked early on. Please read through various details in the 'accommodations' tab where you will find contact details for each resort, making your direct booking very easy..

The Panuba Inn Resort is nestled into the hillside of its' own secluded bay. Rooms here stretch up the hillside. The resort boasts its' own restaurant which serves all types of food from burgers to Malaysian favourites. The dive centre here is located right off the main jetty and the ferry also can make a stop here, upon request, bringing you literally, straight to your doorstep!

Panuba Inn Resort is only a short walk from ABC Village, where you will find a variety of restaurants and a few beach bars also. We would not recommend staying in ABC as the walk through the jungle is fairly rugged, however it is a great place to visit for an afternoon.


Non-diving activities

In addition to diving, a variety of facilities & activities are available in and around Tekek which we can help you to arrange:

◊ Snorkeling

For non-divers, snorkelling trips are a popular activity. Day of half day trips can be arranged to a number of sites around Tioman, or shorter trips to a single destination. Prices vary according to the length of the trip and your resort are usually able to arrange this for you.

◊ Boat Trips

In addition to snorkelling trips, boat trips can be arranged to various attractions on Tioman, including Asah waterfall at the south of Tioman - reputed to be the site of the waterfall filmed in "South Pacific" in the 1960s.

◊ Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand Up Padlde Boarding is a relatively new craze. Standing up on a large (similar to a windsurf) board, you can paddle your way along the beach, watching the life beneath the water from an aerial viewpoint. This is a great way to spend an hour or so in the afternoon, after a morning of diving, and whilst enjoyable, it's a great way to do a bit of 'easy' exercise.

Beach boat

◊ Jungle Walks

Tioman is still largely covered in dense jungle and there are lots of things to see. It is readily accessible on the 7km cross island walk (Tekek - Juara) which can take anything from 2-3 hours. For those wanting to get further into the jungle, local guides can sometimes be found to help.

◊ Food

Tekek has several restaurants, all within easy walking distance of Swiss Cottage. 2 Chinese restaurants, various Malaysian family-run restaurants and a variety of Malay food stalls provide a range of eating options. Our favourites would be Rozita's or DeLima restaurants, located opposite the Ferry terminal, or Liza's restaurant, just opposite the local mini-market. There are also several restaurants at the Berjaya Resort.

◊ Golf

The Berjaya Resort has an 18 hole course, which is very challenging - not very long, but very narrow. Leave the Big Clubs at home!

◊ Shopping

If you are a fan of beer, wine and spirits, then Tioman will be your paradise. There are a few Duty Free Shops which supply a surprising variety of drinks, from Hoegarden, and Savannah Dry Cider, to Wolf Blass wines, and you can even buy a bottle of RM2500 whisky if you should wish to!

















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